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There is no yoga body or yoga mind, only YOUR yoga practice. It evolves through you and for you. Let me help you explore the possibilities!

Codi Hale

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Rejuvenating body Yoga


Everyone is welcome. No matter your experience with the practice, personal history, stage in life, physical or mental ability.


There is something to take away from each class that can be used to work through some other aspect of life, and can be shared with those around you. Maybe it’s a way to relieve daily tension; maybe it’s a new way to approach the world.


We often dive deep in our practice – physically and emotionally. In order to stay inspired and constructive when confronting ourselves, I encourage a curious and light hearted approach to overcoming obstacles.


With steady inhales and exhales at the heart of each class, the body and mind naturally begins to release. It is my goal that every student leaves feeling renewed and more connected to themselves.

Santa Cruz Yoga Defined

There used to be a time when Yoga was seen as a mere fad, practiced only by middle aged people who have such boring lives that they jump on any trendy activity that comes their way, regardless of how effective or expensive the activity can be.

That was then. These days, Yoga has proven itself to be more than just a passing fad, and has officially entered the mainstream. Yoga has finally sloughed off the bohemian stigma, and teenagers, twenty-something professionals, and even the elderly now practice it. It is as common and as accepted as jogging as a physical activity, but the difference is that there are much more benefits.

If you are one of the hold-outs who have yet to join the proverbial club, it helps if you try to first see what is so special about Yoga, what people gain from it, and why you should practice it as well.

Certified Santa Cruz Yoga Instruction

The term “yoga” means “to yoke,” which perfectly defines its purpose. Its essence is to bridge the body, mind, and breath into one. A common misconception among non-practitioners is that Yoga only refers to the physical activity. But the truth is that the physical activity, called “hatha,” is only one of the six systems of yoga. I have my students apply the other five elements which consist of meditation (raja), devotion (bhakti), knowledge (jnana), action (karma), and cleansing techniques (kriya).

For most of us, the purely physical aspect of Yoga is enough, and already provides a number of benefits that you cannot get from any other practice or lifestyle change (at least, not without massively disruptive changes to your entire life.) If you are looking for reasons why you should practice Yoga, then it is worth looking into these benefits.

I teach my students to promote inner peace and contentment, and as such every activity – even five minutes of meditation or breathing exercises, will help alleviate all of the stress that a person is suffering from. And this effect is cumulative. The more you practice yoga, the less stress you feel overall even when you are not actively practicing, as your mind is strengthened and conditioned to be more resistant to the usual toil and struggles of daily life.

Additionally, Yoga goes beyond mere body workout. It also aims to serve as a workout for your mind and spirit, keeping you at peace, and all around refreshed. It is common knowledge that mental and emotional health has an effect on physical health, so trying to focus solely on physical fitness while ignoring mental and emotional fitness would be counter-productive. Yoga is designed to address the body, the mind, and the spirit all at the same time, in order to provide true holistic health.

It is guaranteed that someone who applies my unique Santa Cruz Yoga teaching style will find that all of the positive changes it brings is worth the small amount of time it takes to practice, and the minor lifestyle change it requires.”

yoga movement for all

“Codi’s teaching style is transformational. As a teacher at Walnut Avenue Women’s Center, she is astutely aware of the gifts that people have received from their suffering and provides a pathway towards healing. She knows her capacity and holds space for others to learn theirs as well. She reminds us all why yoga is not about the poses but about owning our hardship, standing in the light of who we are and moving into courageous action. It has been an honor to serve with her in Yoga For All Movement- an organization that is about making the practice of yoga accessible and inclusive for all. She is deeply loved in her community and we all have so much to learn from her compassionate heart.”

– the yoga for all movement

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“Codi started practicing in my classes at Santa Cruz Yoga in the beginning of 2015 and did her teacher training with me later that year. She was consistent in her practice and an outstanding participant in the training. She fully showed up ready to learn and share, was engaged with the study materials, and seemed to seek every opportunity to fully develop and refine her knowledge and skills in teaching yoga. She interacted easily with her diverse peers and was a vital part of making the training a collaborative learning experience for all. Since completing the training, I have seen clear evidence of her nuanced understanding of yoga displayed in her practice. I also hear wonderful reports about her teaching and see her destined to be a truly outstanding yoga teacher whose knowledge, kindness, empathy, communication skills and natural way of putting others ease are qualities that will serve her and her students well.”

– Mark Stephens, Learn to Teach Yoga

Mark Stephens

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