About Me

I began my journey with the practice at age 18, when my struggles with anxiety and depression left me feeling out of control. I immediately enjoyed the physical aspects of the practice and it fed my inner overachiever and athlete to have a variety of new physical goals.

As someone with an active lifestyle, I often sought out restorative treatment like massage and chiropractic adjustment. Yoga soothed my physical body, worked into my muscles, and provided the most lasting comfort. However, as I became more consistent I noticed the most significant and lasting changes happened inwardly.

Yoga taught me how to create a home inside myself, trust in the breath, and find gratitude in everything. I chose to dive deeper into my practice by completing a 200 hour teacher training with Mark Stephens , a respected yogi and author of several instructional books that are fundamental to yoga teachers worldwide.

I have taught various styles in several settings. I’ve lead Vinyasa Flow, Basics, and Yin classes in studio settings; private sessions in communal, office and residential spaces; and trauma-informed yoga in a group setting.

About Codi Hale YogaThere also seems to be a beautiful alignment with my lifestyle and professional life. When I attended UC Santa Barbara, my focus fell upon health and sustainable food systems. I interned on an organic farm and then followed that interest post graduation as I traveled Europe working on organic farms with WWOOF. Upon my return I moved to Santa Cruz, where yet again my heart and mind aligned with the lifestyle of this vibrant region.

Since living here, I have worked for an organic farm, a reusable product company, and am now starting another season as the food procurement and special events coordinator for an organic farming conference.

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